Recent Changes

This page is “born” on January 31, 2018. Because the photos of the Atlas are made as well as the birds are captured for ringing or sent by other ringers, the collection is constantly updated. These are the latest changes made:

28/11/18 .- Red-crested Pochard: photos of wings of both adult male and female in non-breeding plumage have been added.

12/11/18 .- Gadwall: some changes in Ageing have been done.

09/11/18 .- Wigeon: some photos of wings have been added.

01/11/18 .- The identification file about Sparrows has been modified.

29/10/18 .- Gadwall: photos of an adult male in non breedint plumage have been added

27/10/18 .- Lesser Spotted Woodpecker: photos of the 2nd year female have been improved.

19/10/18 .- Spanish Sparrow: some changes in Ageing have been done.

05/10/18 .- An identification file about Starlings has been added

02/09/18 .- Greater Short-toed Lark: photos of a bird in autumn have been added

30/08/18 .- Tawny Pipit: photos of both adult and 1st year birds in autumn have been added.

05/08/18 .- An identification file about Treecreepers has been added.

04/08(18 .- Great Spotted Woodpecker: photos of a juvenile male have been added

03/08/18 .- Grey Partridge: photos of a juvenile bird have been added

03/08/18 .- Eurasian Treecreeper: photos of a juvenile bird have been added.

16/07/18 .- Iberian Chiffchaff: photos of juvenile and adult in spring have been added.

16/07/18 .- Red-legged Partridge: better photos of the female have been added.

07/07/18 .- Files about Common Starling and Spotless Starling have been completed.

05/07/18 .- Rock Bunting: better photos of the 2nd year female in spring have been added

18/06/18 .- An identification file about juveniles of Red-backed/Woodchat Shrikes has been added.

16/06/18 .- Ortolan Bunting: images of both adult and 2nd year males have been added.

14/06/18 .- Red-backed Shrike: changes in ageing have been done.

13/06/18 .- Black Woodpecker: some photos sent by Ondrej Kauzál (Czech Republic) have been added.

09/06/18 .- Eurasian Scops Owl: photos of the 2nd year bird have been changed